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High-quality community-centered
healthcare for everyone

healthcare for everyone

Creating connections for better access to care.

Helping to improve quality of life
in our communities.

We provide data-driven, people-centered solutions to improve access to healthcare.

What We Do

Joining CHP has its benefits.

For Community

For Community

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Benefits for the whole community

  • Retain current physicians.
  • Attract new physicians to community.
  • Expand services available from local providers.
  • Maintain current employer base.
  • Increase interest from the prospective employers.
  • Enhance quality of living for citizens.
  • Enhance local economy by driving more revenue to local providers and getting employees back to work faster.
For Employers

For Employers

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Benefits for local employers

  • Market-competitive pricing for local healthcare services
  • Aggressive pricing for tertiary services rendered at partner facilities.
  • Community benchmarking of health costs vs. Georgia and national averages.
  • Increased local access to services for employees.
  • Enhanced benefits for employees.
  • Predictable plan-level healthcare costs year over year.
For Providers

For Providers

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Benefits for local providers

  • Steerage Value for discounts offered to plans.
  • Some control over local provider panel offered in the network not available with national plans.
  • Input/Approval on Benefit Plan design; potentially lower patient liability in plan design.
  • Community benchmarking of the quality and cost structure for employers to establish long term cost effectiveness for dealing with other insurance carriers.
  • Simplification of administration.

Helping your employees live well everyday.

Our results-driven wellness program, Strive365, helps you and your business strive to be well and stay healthy.

Uncovering revenue-generating opportunities.

Ensure that your organization thrives in the years ahead. Using the strength of the Community Health Plans network, ARGOS searches for Alternative Revenue Generating Opportunities for your healthcare organization.

For Providers: 877-997-9877 

For Providers: 877-997-9877